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Pre-Pharmacy Managed Care Program​ (PMCP)

What is PMCP?

AMCP's Pre-Pharmacy Managed Care Program is a professional outreach program for pre-pharmacy students at colleges and universities in California, designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn about the growing field of managed care pharmacy while preparing pre-pharmacy students for entry into pharmacy school. 

This program offers pre-pharmacy students:

  • One-on-one mentorship with current USC-AMCP members

  • Informational Packet created by AMCP, including board member's admission essays, interview tips, and personal statements.

  • Invitation to USC AMCP events – at HSC

  • Access to educational newsletters from National AMCP

  • Mock Interview

  • PMCP Mentor-Mentee Mixer

  • Volunteering/Shadowing Health Fairs


Pre-pharmacy students receive insight into the USC School of Pharmacy and a field of pharmacy outside of the traditional community setting. Moreover, undergraduate students in this program begin networking and building connections with pharmacists and pharmacy students alike. Without a doubt, PMCP is a unique opportunity that will help pharmacy student candidates stand out on their personal statement and during interviews. 

How to Join

Simply fill out the PMCP Membership Application and pay the membership enrollment fee!


  • Payments can be sent to AMCP's Director of Interschool Relations, Tina Gholami, through Venmo (@tina-gholami). 

    • New Member Fee: $20

    • Returning Member Fee: $15

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