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Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Competition


What is the P&T Competition?

The AMCP/FMCP Pharmacy & Therapeutics Competition is held annually. It is a local and national competition. All members of the team must be an AMCP member and teams of four compete. Your team works through and presents a real-life managed care case where you:

  • Evaluate cases clinically

  • Evaluate pharmacoeconomics

  • Make formulary and business recommendations

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All Videos

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What is the difference between the local and national competition?

The winner of the local competition sends their written material to the National Competition for judging. A panel of judges will select up to 8 chapters to participate in the national competition held during the AMCP Annual Meeting & Showcase. There are prizes for the top three teams in the national competition, and are recognized nationally. The winning team is invited to attend the AMCP Educational Conference and is featured at the meeting.


USC has been National Finalists for 4 years, with 56 schools competing!

What are the benefits of participating in the P&T Competition?

  • Local and national competition, with 56 pharmacy schools competing.

  • Real-life experience in how managed care worksformulary management, P&T, and pharmacoeconomics, for residency level projects.

  • Teamwork

  • Learn/Improve skills

    • Pharmacoeconomics

    • Clinical evaluation

    • Drug information

    • Presentation skills

  • Great networking opportunities

  • Build experience for your CV​

For more information...

Please visit the National AMCP Foundation Annual P&T Competition website, or speak with the current USC AMCP Director of P&T.

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